Smart Sensor Support FAQ

What are the benefits in terms of reduced downtime?

Last Updated: May 04, 2017 09:23AM EEST
  • In general, use of the condition monitoring solution will reduce downtime, with the actual reduction depending on the industry segment and maintenance philosophy implemented. With respect to reliability, the solution covers problems or their causes that account for around 75 % of motor failures.
  • Examples of downtime reduction:
    1) Cutting the number of unexpected failures – The solution helps to identify problems in advance, allowing maintenance to be planned so that corrective actions are implemented during a scheduled outage.

    2) Reducing secondary damage – If bearing failure goes undetected, it could result in damage to the housings, shaft or even the stator core and windings. Repairing such secondary damage can involve significant downtime – even several weeks. In some cases there are also quality related losses, as the failure leads to defective product that has to be scrapped. Identifying a bearing problem at an early stage and taking the necessary maintenance actions in good time can help to reduce the downtime from weeks to a matter of hours.

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